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What Gets Me Going?

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We spend our lives working and are told that we cannot or should not expect our professions to satisfy our passions. Why are we told this lie? Anyone who is not connected to the work they do will always deliver sub-par results. Connect your teams to their work so they are inspired by what they do. Let each individual contributor innovate around a common goal so they have true investment in the outcome.We have created a culture that punishes innovators for coloring outside of the lines when we should be seizing the rare birds who are unafraid to speak their minds and placing them in jobs that allow their ideas to carve new ways of working and being. Ideas are not scarce and humans are built to collaborate. Our systems still reflect many of the modalities of the previous century but this is not a requirement. I help shine a light on the parts of systems where there is opportunity for innovation and guide teams and their leaders through the muddy waters of emotional barriers to the inspirational world of creative teaming.


Resume / CV 


● 10 years of experience with cloud SAAS application builds

● 17 years of experience with design, web, and tech branding tools 

● Full-Stack development of scalable enterprise level CRM application tools ● Web-stack including JavaScript, HTML, & CSS 

● Responsive/mobile web design & development 

● Data visualization with D3.js 

● DevOps process design and setup 

● User Experience focused application development 

● Social media, video, web, and design for brand management 

● Strong verbal and written communication skills 

● WIT leadership and mentorship 

● Developer advocacy and technology evangelist 

● Lifelong learner and out of the box thinker 

Professional Experience 


Senior Manager, Technical Ecosystem Enablement, Platform 

December 2021 - Present 


  • Develop a strategy and mechanism for session metrics, surveys, and content creation

  • Build prototypes for new technologies 

  • Create content to demonstrate new tech and created prototypes

  • Create documentation and written content articulating the value of new and existing technologies

  • Understand and learn new capabilities and technology stacks to teach in virtual and in person session


Lead Salesforce Developer 

October 2019 - December 2021 

  • Rebuilt Customer Community Portal with Lightning Web Components to replace existing template with company branding and responsive UX. 

  • Built Salesforce functionality for internal and external use cases with security first approach. 

  • Drove adoption and user experience best practices across development team

  • Educated and mentored junior developers 

  • Custom UI and bi-directional integration with Zoom to Salesforce for webinar campaign management and registration (authenticated portal/Experience Cloud) 

  • Custom API development for external and internal applications. 

  • Setup version control with GitHub and implemented developer processes for using repositories. 


Lead Software Engineer (ISV) 

January 2018 - October 2019 

  • Led the Core Product Engineering team 

  • Refactoring and net-new development of SFDC applications catering to the legal vertical. Architecture and prototyping of new work 

  • Created DevOps process using SFDX, Scratch orgs, and CircleCI for automated build and test workflow 

  • In charge of ensuring code standards and best practices, mentoring team members, and creating and signing off on design and architectural decisions. 

  • Responsible for process improvements such as continuous integration setup, document repository management using Confluence and GIT workflow. 


Senior Application Developer 

January 2016 - January 2018 

  • IDEXX is a veterinary sciences company where I led the development team in best practices of cloud development with custom Salesforce solutions leveraging Javascript, Lightning, Lightning design system and other tools. 

  • Transitioned our approach from desktop focused design to lightweight mobile driven design and UX principles. 

  • Principal architect for the global implementation of Salesforce at IDEXX including online ordering, lab test result visualization tools and SAP integrated customer pricing tools.


Software Engineer 

January 2013 - November 2015 

  • Specializing in Salesforce application development, responsive and interactive web application implementations of data visualizations and network diagrams built on the Salesforce platform. 

  • Developed a custom CMS solution for templating online credit applications using a graphical interface built with APEX, Visualforce and custom Salesforce objects. This solution allowed marketing to create custom branded web based credit applications within the Salesforce system. The effort to release-to-market was reduced from 2 weeks to just a couple of hours. All of the data from the applications is stored within Salesforce using custom objects and workflows/triggers. 

  • Created a custom data visualization dashboard for analyzing bi-monthly code coverage and testing metrics using node.js, d3.js and javascript. The dashboard is a PHP app which dynamically fetches data from an Apache SQL server. 

  • Created a mobile app for the international sales team annual meeting using Apex, JavaScript, jQuery, d3.js and Salesforce objects. This app allowed the team to synchronize travel plans, view and register for sessions and create sessions/tracks from the admin side. 

Spectrum WebGraphics 


January 2010 - January 2014 South Portland, Maine 

  • Custom WordPress templates and hosting 

  • Graphics and logo design 

  • Data visualization 

  • Content creation and curation for creatives 

  • Salesforce consulting 

  • Social media management


Awards, Certifications & Memberships 

Salesforce Application Developer II 


Salesforce Application Developer I 


Salesforce Platform Developer 


University Of Maine Maine New Women's Leadership Award 


Charitable Mechanics Association Technical Scholar Award 


Association for Computing Machinery SMCC student Chapter Chair 2011-2013 

Phi Theta Kappa Honors Society Member 



Trailblazer Community Guide 

2022 - present 

Brand awareness and outreach for the Trailhead platform and Salesforce learning 

Generation Australia Mentor 

2022 - present 

Mentoring career change cohorts after completion of the Generation Australia Salesforce program 

Middle School Capstone Mentor 

Portland Maine 


Mentor middle school students who are interested in pursuing a career in technology.

Programming with Scratch 

East End Community School, Portland Maine 2013-2016 


Southern Maine Community College AS Computer Science 

South Portland, Maine, United States 

Loyola University 

Graphic Design and Studio Art 

New Orleans, Louisiana, United States

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