• soniacookbroen

A cross to keep my heart

in winter what remnants of chided youth lay buried beneath pale skies and icy gray eyes

eyes that burn with cold to suck the breath from the chest

to put all hope at once to rest

until their lids have fallen beneath the solstice moon

where tides are brought up like bed sheets and knees and feet quiver

in darkness they still find warmth

but life is betraying the song of the harbor master at dawn

and in the hallucination of fog the bridge is risen like a stone flag on the marsh whose giant hand can grasp

my tiny self in all this ocean wondering in the rivers of blackness which flow like silk ribbons infinitely intertwined?

as I lay on my back and become immersed in the stars which are my canopy

forever is in this second

but a second is too large of a measure

to catch the breadth of infinity

to hold forever

I am what I must be

seven seas sail above the ball of fire and rock

we float like leaves on the wind as spring delivers her sweet, brief majesty

and summer she is a cup too full to last

from which we will drink greedily until we lay too hot with our gluttony

and once again pray for Autumn to sweep away out lofty sights

and return us to bed on early nights while the silver moon casts silver glances at long shadows returning to their houses.

#REALITY #freeverse #space #life #themoon