• soniacookbroen

A Prayer to War in the name of Love

I knew the dream well, my mind lived inside of the world….

a little girl, swirling without a care, there, until she was so dizzy, she would fall….

I fell over and over myself, the falls became easier the recovery faster….

Now that little girl is a woman who hears her mother’s voice in her own and comes to the table with bargaining chips all her own…

Who with one look knows the content of a room….

She can bring you to your knees with her eyes, and cry when you leave, and hide her fears behind layers….and layers…..

I feel my strength, I know her well, for it was she, in the darkness who held me, it was she who slapped my face out of pity and into motion….

And yet, I need that little girl whirling and twirling….

She is my soft feminine.

Otherwise, I would never stay, never be inside your mind with you inside mine.

The wizened crone in me would never allow it….

But you wizard and warlock, you knight out of the Emerald skies, you love me right….

else, I may crumble and to save me again, the woman in me will shake off the salt from the sea of love….

and plow-forth, she is a soldier, a fortress, a magician of the finest caliber….born in the shortest hour….

Born out of necessity and carved with character, into the lines upon my face and breast,

who in the darkness loves above all the rest…..

The wicked palor of moonlight waking from the simple slumber, asking for something more complex,

Awareness…seems so out of grasp…she sees another face in a dream, waiting to awaken.

Love is the silver reflection of self upon pillow and sheet not for a night, not a week….but a mystery that unequivocally unfolds for years…

a fractal evolving like the opening flower,

eyes set upon eyes in the moonlight, too transfixed to sleep, and gone from the conscious upon a universal plane.

Are you there?

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