• soniacookbroen


Batter best be baked to temperature

beaten eggs will not set

the appropriate guardian is lamenting bread

be told not to rewrite poems of old

be told not to quiver in feelings and pain

the torment of these are the root of your pain

jump into the pool of your passion

free swim with the seat of desire

you are the essence of love

there is no box which could contain you

there is no path which your foot can follow

fellow you are unique as carved snow

As rare as unpasteurized cheese

you are the sneeze I have been waiting for

to release me

to unhinge me

you are my essence

you are my destiny

look at the moon so full in the sky

can you count all the years

this moon has shone by?

the turns she has done round this Earth so perverse till

her beauty a play too well rehearsed

so precious this thing we love till

we die

like a bird that has sung and flown past your eye.

#SEX #freeverse #poetry #love #postaday2011 #THEWORLD