• soniacookbroen

Callous Beauty

Callous beauty

calling westward through the Maine woods to me

beneath the snow I feel the rumble of your

breath as it quickens around me

Come to the place where I toil

learn the pains and joys of my flesh

in this life

we do what we do best

You shine through the woods

the limbs so heavy with icy payloads

I am yearning for you

seeking you out

in this winter quest


I wait patiently hidden in pristine visibility

you cannot find me

my callous beauty

it pains me to wait

but I wait

for a thousand days

in frozen hibernation

unto the spring I come

leaping like a frog from a pond

once frozen

now teaming with life

I am digging in the dirt

planting seeds

I look up at you

into your eyes I fall for a moment

then I realize you have only dipped me in this dance and

you are as lost in me as I am to you

I will meet you in the middle

every night

from here

to eternity.

#EYES #freeverse #love #postaday2011