• soniacookbroen

capturing the light/fireflies in a jar

Tiny thoughts

indiscreet moments

memorizing memories

adding up to the sum total

of this masterpiece


as it must be


art formed without the guise of style

wrenching it from its’ creator

oh this life is brief indeed

so much left to do

so many hours to fill my cup

lazy Sunday mornings

carefree Saturday afternoons

long walks along dusty seashore paths

hands rough hewn intertwined

this life is leading me on

a sail in the wind

I can taste her bounty

but I can never know the full extent of her majesty

like a woman

you must dance with the defenses

the delicate fibers

bend but never break

playing chords along a vast expanse

of music left unwritten

the notes resonate within

and leave but a trace

of their being.

#women #freeverse #poetry #love #life #postaday2011 #time #THEWORLD