• soniacookbroen

crossing borders

across the vast distance

despite this expanse of time

you have found the me that remains

within this shape which exists in space

this floating essence of me

you seek

I am faltered by your perseverance

I am shaken by your strength

forward you march

merriment in your step

always without judgement

without one false step

you come

across boundaries

across borders you run

to lie within my bed

to fold sheets around you and sleep

to pass days which shift to dreams

dreams of northern valleys

you have not trekked

I am chasing after you in the snow

I am shattering granite beneath these feet

at last in the forest of pine we meet

icy branches form a spider’s nest

around us and the light is dancing

the sky begins to turn a whiter shade of pale

and we are dusted by the grace of frozen worlds

landing on our shoulders

my heart is beating in my chest

my lips are locked to yours

and through this simple world of white

and brown

all that I had once lost

is found.

#freeverse #love #poetry #postaday2011