• soniacookbroen

crumble to

kettle is boiling on the stove

you are as hot as any day in June

pick one

counting the petals

and saying I love you

I love you not

I love you

the stem is all you’ve got

lucky you!

the kettle is boiling. Let’s have tea.

Sit here in the Spring sumptuous

the morning dew

the sun gliding up over the water’s edge

the forgotten rhythm of  Winter, passing like tides out to sea

so sweetly reaching into our memories

so that this glorious season

magnifies itself even more

a debutante ball

for the deserving lady of the hour


fall upon us

with these fantastic tendrils

with petal folds

and nectar so sweet

the bees are hypnotized

the fire is burning

the kettle is boiling

make the tea.

#freeverse #poetry #postaday2011 #spring