• soniacookbroen

delicate drastic

Parlor tricks and quick wits will fail to fulfill when you and I are  at odds and ends are looming.

There is simply no  more to be writ

all in all the tide turning is rather quick

seas change and shapes emerge from dark recesses

with light we converge

two become one

undone and remade

altered impermeable as all things great and small

the vicious cycle has fresh fodder

why recycle

such matters

are better left alone

when I am slightly soft  spoken the platitudes within me which are but a token

of all these possibilities

I have yet to examine

the universe lies within and without

always and eternally falling like snow around us

infinite ideas awaiting resurrection from the dust

we can but scratch the surface of this majesty in a lifetime

100 years and why shed a tear

but for eternal joy

the passing of each moment a wave we  ride upon

such fervor in our motions

such passion on our tongues

I want to lie down in my little row boat and hold your eyes in mine

and ride this wave as though it will roll on forever

and when it crests

I explode

you explode

we are cosmos


expanding and contracting


a breath

from creation.

#buddha #freeverse #poetry #postaday2011 #time #THEWORLD