• soniacookbroen

Digital Dreamscapes

This semester I am taking an advanced Photoshop course.

Having used Photoshop for many years (over ten!) I have picked up some great tricks and some bad habits.

It has been fun having my teacher K.S. correct my erroneous ways and prod me along in digital new directions.

Here are my first two projects from this class:

Also I am learning how to think in Vector!

This is not a native thought process to me, my PHP class seems more logical, well of course! PHP is all about logic.

Anyway, Vector art involves thinking about your work in terms of shapes bound by mathematical dots to an invisible grid.

What this means in English is that your artwork will be the same no matter what size it is: teeny tiny or gimungous!

So here is my best shot at super “vectory” art thus far:

That is my tree.

I created a pattern brush for the leaves and I got to know the Shape Builder and Live Paint tools.

It is  definitely a new way of thinking about making art for me. Or perhaps it is a reflection back to print making.

Anyway on to new horizons, which, is hopefully all good and productive.

My weekend is to be filled with PHP so I say goodbye to graphic land for a few days but stay tuned, I have three

big projects coming due in the next couple of weeks which I am milling some interesting ideas around in my head for!

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