• soniacookbroen

do not deny doughnuts

So it is late October. The crisp air slips even here, through the tropical climate.  Wishing for a warm, crackling fire, the comfort of frost bitten hands melting into a mug of hot chocolate and the soothing laughter of friends. Wanting to cook, to embrace fellow man. Time to hunker down and celebrate ancient pagan ritual. Celebrate Christian deities, celebrate New Year, abundance, or what we have and to be glad we have it!

Thank you Francis Shergold, I will remember your birthday, what are you turning forty? you must be getting up there now old chap! I remember when you were just a young bicycle riding stop-and-shop employee. Working the meat counter and riding that fabulous wheeled creation all the way up and down Richard Avenue, wind, sleet, or snow! And there were the ice-cream runs to Friendly’s double stacked, that bicycle survived that with our fat arses I’ll never know, R.I.P. Fran’s bike…..

And so I am reminded of summering in Ireland and Scotland as a young girl. My Dad was great for pushing that one into action. I don’t know if the fear-mongering is based in any reality, I’m assuming it isn’t-another subject all together…

But I recommend sending children of reasonable intellect to travel. Teenagers who think they know everything should not be insulated in their own little worlds of peer-worship and video-gaming. This can only breed the similar kind of narrow-mindedness that is running rampant in our world today.  People who grow up without seeing those who are different from them often have very little appreciation of the beauty and diversity of other cultures and peoples. Worse, they end up bigoted and small minded, and mostly afraid that the unique is a threat to their very existence, which in some sense it is. As these people have spent most of their lives trying to smooth out their rough edges and fit into some mold that they apparently desire and supposedly understand.  So let us not cloister our babies, at least the ones who have a little street smarts, better than being able to get across the road, I mean. Give them their prairie room but give them real responsibility and they will grow up alright.

Now for doughnuts….