• soniacookbroen

enter the mind

this darkness you are blind to

unfolds invisible folds around you

in the cloak the daggers stowed

do you see the shadow cast beneath your own two feet?

it is something I have grown to know well

to predict

and though I suffer from your constant doubt

I have learned to separate myself from this shroud

that has a life of its own a pulse of its own

beating in the blackness of night

and receding as quickly and illusively as it came

you play now a game of twos and let me tell you

I will happily step to the side

as you stride by

playing a doomsday duet

while I cast my eyes at the sky

to see the rising of the sun

and even in the moon

I feel my potential


and you can try to shake me

but you will be holding onto the trunk

of a mighty oak

and you can try to cut me down with poisonous words

but you will only fortify my wood

flail your arms amidst your tempest if it pleases you

but don’t expect that I will enter into that floorless room

by your side.

I choose no sides and have nothing beside me

so that I can stretch to my fullest and feel the taste of air that is free.

#artist #time #women