• soniacookbroen

For love and spring

have you ever taken a dive into the unknown

without the fear of what it meant tainting your journey?

Have you let yourself slip away to a place so far from grace you thought you would be lost forever to the shadow of God’s touch?

Without remorse crawling back to the pale sea-shore and weeping tears to salve the wounds self-inflicted

Lovers will dance into the distance

it is only those who have temerity to see through difficult trenches who are worth having by one’s side

and in distant tomorrows yawns of placid satisfaction post-coitus Sunday-morns will harken back in pleasant

reflection upon the tumult of today

to those who vowed and plowed the course.

The Spring is coming with her bosom full of flowers

and the sweet days burgeoning with warmth at their peak

who but the most fatal could fain in the highlight of such hopeful seasons?

With this and the dust of winter decaying at the trenches my feet

I free my muddy boots and plow forth into the dew and fog

relishing the reception I will receive in the unknown

#life #REALITY #time