• soniacookbroen

for Sam

My dearest friend, tomorrow is your birthday and I have yet to mail you a card, mail you the painting which I have been promising, mail you photographs.  I lament at my skills of friendship when I hold them up to the mirror of yours. You, who always sends my children Christmas presents and birthday cards, you who calls more often than me.

I wonder if you know of my guilt. I feel ashamed at my failing to call and write like I should. You, who have been my traveling partner and soul mate. For years we knew each other’s ins and outs like well thumbed books. And know I can’t remember your shoe size or if you like to wear dangley earrings. So many years and miles have come between us my dearest friend, so many days and so many nights untold to one another when once we shared every waking hour.

And yet I still see you written on the walls of my soul. A familiar face forever even though our lives are for now on two different trajectories. My sweetest friend, with whom I share countless memories, know that you have never, not once been forgotten from my heart no matter how terrible of a correspondent I may be. You are always with me walking by my side, your voice in my heart as you have touched me and changed me forever with your friendship.

Sister of mine, may you have a beautiful and blessed birthday filled with the love and joy, that of which flows with such ease and constancy from your lovely heart. I love you and cherish you and look forward to celebrating this day in your company in years to come!

p.s. letter to come!