• soniacookbroen


the grotesque flesh parade

begins and ends

in hourly starts

and stops

the mechanism controlling this fatuous

release of humanity down corridors

and in and out of closed rooms

seems to churn and clink in a discordia

the arrhythmia



breath and heart palpitating

my mind strives for the vortex of singular focus

while around me people are squeezing into seats

and chortling to one another

the cog turns and the click of the hand

damns the river

for another hour and a half

the machine is running smoothly

the machine is dividing thoughts and phrases

the machine is interpreting

the machine is lean and unforgiving

the heart allows the golden wheels to turn

balance within the velvet chamber nestled in my chest

the master operator

#steampunk #poetry #love #postaday2011 #time