• soniacookbroen


we walked through the summer as the dew caught the blades of new grass

we clung like reeds through fall as wind whipped the leaves bare from trees

winter came as we knew that it would in all her majestic might

with frozen tendrils and icy paths for us to walk upon

we walked unquestioning

because there was no question to ask

dawn and dusk folded into one another like pale sheets enveloping our bodies

until still in the morning

a thought began to blossom

it was of things left unsaid

things that exist only when we call upon them

for they are allusive

the thoughts manifested into words which trickled out of our mouths as conversations

and in these trying moments

I leapt for the words to define my heart

as that is my style

and so more is revealed between us

what I wanted

and you

whether these wants cross paths and take shape as the form of needs

begets another question

whether you would have all

of these parts

the petals

and the


to be your own little flower

yet another.

#art #life #love