• soniacookbroen

Gray Suits On Patrol

They stand on bully pulpits

with their airs they broadcast


but their utter lack of creativity

they fight freedom in its name

with indignity

they hang the spirit of our souls like a dirty rag upon their sharpened swords

pushing forward in the dark as we blindly let them penetrate us

rapists of out thoughts

gray faced power

killing in the name of….

and they would have us all in prison cells

to satisfy their capitalist ideals

they want to wash your mind clean

it’s dirty like the body your should hide in shame

unless it is shown for profit

with silicone and botox

hairless like a fat turkey ready for our proverbial feast

for our amusement


but only by the eyes of the wretched

thought police

we let them in

now we have to destroy them

this infestation of life-sapping putrid pukes

are keeping us in the grip of their manipulation

bite the hand that holds you

free yourself

so that your mind can grow

past the ignorance which they would have you believe is your full potential!