• soniacookbroen


Friday night in September, Gulf Coast of America. The time turns forwards and leaves behind the weary, blue skies fade a little earlier this time of year. The moon is still full in bloom and the winter will not touch us with icy hands until it is almost time for springs Majesty to bless us once again. Lovely breath, lovely hairs that brush past me, never knowing or ever so? I don’t know the words, fall far from my mouth and seek the floor, they lie there until I can remember to find them again. What is the reason for hearts aching and breaking, they never can be still. No matter what kind of chaos the mighty will of them will instill? is there some lesson to be garnered in this? Beside being lost like a feather on the wind…time makes the world wider, distances between spaces grow farther, the sun will rise and the moon will stay in the same place for every day until the end of time. But it doesn’t matter as long as there is you unfolding minutes into days and days into hours and confusing time in my mind in the sweet melancholic melody of impossibility.