• soniacookbroen

hope and a prayer…why not?

Vampires,vamps, and vixens

do you leave me with regret or part quite happily?

I have so many sides and memories with me at my side always

they slip back and forth like shadows on a wall

you can’t lose if you don’t try and although you may cry you must try because losing is not worse than dying without having loved first.

So let the spring slowly come and you will see the seasons bring so many smiles on so many faces and hearts warm with the ground

doesn’t it give you hope to think of all those tiny seeds buried now in the snow, that with the thaw will rustle and begin to become all that they are meant to?

You and I are bound to this below our skin we long to kiss and in our minds we are endless!

So fall asleep tonight and dream whatever is in your life to be just right and in the end it will be that and so much more.

#freeverse #love #postaday2011 #time