• soniacookbroen

I crossed myself; the line was hazy

In the church where I sat with the wood and glass surrounding me.

I felt as though I were in a forest and the sky was trepid above me…

one small rock could bring this glass house down

one step toward the altar

I found my crown

my feet walk through the streets carrying this body of mine

languid, resilient not through

upon and within these streets where so many windows are flung wide

as the summer creeps then falls upon us

here and in the heat meet me halfway my lips are parched and you are the water bearer

calling for me the green fields and cherry blossoms petals unfurling one by one

The tenuous strength in their very brevity.

Just like you and me my friend

I drink your water and swim in your seas follow me to my dreams’ corridor

and we shall see what lies inside the vestige of the mind.

#art #spring #REALITY #freeverse #poetry #artist #destiny #love #life #church #postaday2011 #forest #THEWORLD