• soniacookbroen

I live in Alabama I live in my own mind

where in the world will we go? another disaster for the ever-enduring, ever maximizing human kind. And the stupids scream at the president, the pundits and profits of fear, profiteers who cleverly guise their lies in the savior disguise, disgust me, unrest me, and make me think I cannot escape their blind stupidity. But that is so naive of me to believe they are as dumb as they concede it is an idiot more who underestimates the power of his running mate and falls pray to the corruption they will willingly devastate you….me…anyone who doesn’t fall in line or turn on a dime at the call of their master slave driver devil in a blue dress preaching and debunking the rest whilst they use and they test their drugs and their chemicals it is us they detest and we are powerless to this mess, we are victims in a crime that doesn’t even exist to the power that is stronger than every single human fist and we’ll fall down like dominos one by one till there’s no one to kill and no where to run and who will the powerful rule when all of the money is theirs and all of the world too but no one is in it except them on their pulpits with giant stone walls, from whom are they fortressed? what a world with no trees, all parking lots and weeds, growing up to the sky in one merciless cry!