• soniacookbroen

my heart

my heart and my soul are inseparable you know

I cannot leave without them and when wanton for their precious ways I am still stuck at times I would prefer to be a stoic

Lover beware of me and my heavy heart like a cannon ball bound to change you to your very start

you who shines with golden eyes, living life so unpretentiously I see your desire for me

And all the other times I cried, felt my hurt as though I’d died

I’ll call out to a million pious pallid pupils of Anias

butterfly wings torn at the seams and made to be the beauty I wear them on a chain that shackles me to the Earth ever spinning around me

When the moon is full I will meet you still, open to the possiblity that there is love out there for you and me.

do you know how I lie and wait?

do you feel my intentions?

do you see my vacant gaze when I lose momentum?

All I can be is what I am

all I can be is me

thank God for every morsel of me

someone finds me fit to eat.

#freeverse #love #poetry #postaday2011