• soniacookbroen

New Frost

These seasons which change in them remains

the buried vestiges of our yesterdays

worn soles dug from last years winter clothes

in bins

in basements

we scurry

frenzied suddenly

and awoken at once

by the cold

we have no longer become used to

the Earth freezes all of its bounty

so that in the Spring she can release us from our hibernation

as she liberates the tiny buds and new growth

which have been protected so long in this winter’s icy shell

for now we stare at vast horizons of white and watch as pink sunrises

bring the dragon’s breath off the frozen bay

we sleep in cocoons of one another’s arms

and bear it as teammates

so rugged for the last push

until we can claim the color green

to our eyes

once more.

#love #time #winter #writing