• soniacookbroen

new leaves turning

she calls in languidly

lurching her body like a sickle through this ordinary day

and so fair is her extraordinary mind that those who encounter its wit are murdered into tranquility

from fondness grows the ropes which intertwine us into bliss

we seethe in the rapture

waves buoyant in this ocean of existence

there is a strangeness in the similarities

between you and me

we have proclaimed to be happy

you and me

despite disparaging

you and me

seem to find some balance in this off-kilter world

which exists albeit in a perfect universe

man has mutilated our bliss

with which we are born and deserve to live with

so it is our lot

that we should fight to regain

that which never should have been lost

and when we taste the sweetness of these fruits

our hearts rejoice and our reflection glows

beyond what we knew

before in the mediocrity

of everything being okay


and to you I toast

to you and this adventure

I salute

and to the myriad manners I relish

the days which lay outstretched now liberated

from our ordinary haze

like life has stopped and life has begun

with intention

before us

the fall

the winter

the spring

of our jubilant existence.

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