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No Shortage of Ideas

There is a misguided and terrible belief that ideas are to be hoarded rather than shared.

Ideas are like DNA, everyone has it and it expresses differently in each of us.

The problem is not a lack of ideas but a culture that does not promote the magical art of ideation as a practice.

One must be allowed to play and experiment to promote ideation.

Our business culture is tied to an iron ball bigger than any profit margin.

The weight of shareholder profit demands a new wow moment on cue, every 3 months.

Our distracted culture assumes this is ample time to do something of value.

Value is not the real objective when the master is neither customer not employee.

The faceless tide of the market drives us away from all that is interesting.

This is why we leave the fight.

We tire of pouring our passion into emptiness.

One must either stop dreaming to stomach it or exit the broken wheel and disrupt from the unmarked roads of self-direction.

What if we did not do it this way?

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