• soniacookbroen

oh Mother!

Oh mother! you are the most beautiful soul, you created me from nothing and now I am my all!

What seeds dispersed upon the land, seeds of mind and garnered by hand!

I lust for those creative times when two merry minds together bind!

I yearn with my often exotic being for the peace of knowing of knowing of knowing


in the mist of lands which feud together and forever

for the cause of man.

I am standing here today shouting at the sun because of the intensity of its rays:

Make, Do, Be, Create, we are art and all and none, everything that is done has been done before and done again and again and again before that:

and that is reassuring, and beautiful, and wonderful

let love be and be love, let love in and out and in again

be so full and so committed

be you

the seeds of art created.