• soniacookbroen

on being part of everyday

I sometimes forget the world around me when I am lost to creating. The powerful force which tells me to emit! And yet forgets the essential needs of my nearest and dearest. Perhaps I was not designed for a world of stereotypes and latitudes and longitudes. Perhaps, those of us who feel their ever present constraints are made for breaking them and shaping new realizations. Why must we plod along and follow all of the road signs? Ah yes, because there would be terrible traffic accidents everywhere, that is why. in a world of one this would not matter, if I where to shatter the illusion of reality and live there, what would I be? Solipsist, Nihilist, sociopath, or dreamer? Anyway, tomorrow is Sunday. I met a woman priest yesterday, I don’t know that that is yet enough to make me visit God’s house. As I imagine I am already in it if that God actually has a house of sorts. But I do like the company and the earnestness one feels when trying to save herself. God has already forgiven me all my sins and knows all the idiotic wonderful things my existence as Sonia entails. Thank God! Good night friends of the stars.