• soniacookbroen

on these old wings

I’m bending not breaking

the fever allows me time to stir emotions within this core

Still I feel it all

rustle and click by me

I’m sitting in the sunlight in the town where I now live

Yesterday is gone gone gone

and these floods of changes

are like waves crashing over my body denuded

lying lackadaisically upon the shore

lapping at my toes

my fingers

and clouds rise out of the vast nothing

enveloping the blue

so many shades

did we count them today?

I lost track

this train with no distinct destination

save the wind at my back

and the words written upon the walls of my soul

In the day so long and languid I reflected forward these fears

this will be the moment I regret

conscious that this time will pass

somehow always standing on the other side

and looking in

as though through foggy

windows clouded with the spirited laughter

and candles lit within

memories I wish to

marry with the present

not so disjointed and cognizant

but flowing

a river coursing through my veins


connecting me to you

and this embrace

is not tied to a clock

but continues on unrestrained

#SEX #freeverse #poetry #love #life #postaday2011 #time #THEWORLD