• soniacookbroen

out for milk…pt. 1 in the adventures of Zoe and Paul

"who was it?" you asked me, "who told us we were lost?"
"who indeed" I replied, "I am so far gone that lost has no meaning."
"Indeed" you uttered beneath bated breath. And I could tell you were up to something once again.
So, I changed the subject. "Yes" said I, "I do think it will rain this afternoon....hmmm." 
You glanced back at me as one does who knows the skillful manipulations of their own mate.
Then you told me you were going out for milk.

later that same afternoon I am in the garden with weeds scattered around me and dirt up  to my knuckles.
"I just cannot seem to get a hold on this memory you see", I am telling you this as you sit on the porch with the crossword
puzzle folded across your lap. You are listening to me with one ear. "I cannot get a hold of this memory." You look up
now at me for a moment, stopping at my breast and sigh, "then let it go." 
Now I am getting annoyed,  this sunday in May which was beginning so  peacefully is now headed toward  a proper battle royale.

"where's the milk?" I ask you.

---to be continued

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