• soniacookbroen


They do not know the essence of you as I do.

Why are their prayers a shallow reflection

their ashen grins an empty expression?

Hold them to  the flames of your reality

do not let them run from your unbridled fury!

Flash in their faces your cacophony of talent

stretching before them beyond their limited visions.

Look not at these meddlesome worrisome foes!

Look to the stars it is there your dream grows!

Look up always and away from the silly sideline diversions

of those who cannot live their own lives

for nothing but fear

holding them to their thrones of idiocy and hypocrisy

martyrdom and blasphemy

let them acquire so dour and sour

the wrinkles they earned through their miserable hours of quibbling and tatting

to infinite hours.

Look to the stars and soar!

You are a zephyr to be certain

you are the man from behind the closed curtain

you are the dreamer awaken

from darkness.

#freeverse #poetry #love #postaday2011 #bitches