• soniacookbroen

recede to procede

inward I am motioning flow back


toward the source

creative flow


and bloom into the springtime

tumbling to the surface full tilt

I step lightly as a squirrel or a sparrow

upon the sidewalks

there is a ghost in my midst

a presence in the fog

who seeks to unrest

to slip its hands around my wrists

large and looming chains to bond me to the fear

the man in the moon is my friend

he and i will chat in the night

when the stars are the only light twinkling

we sit and commiserate

over one another like blankets of snow

melting across vast expanses

we are alone

in one another’s universe

I his sun and he my moon

night into day

eternal dance

tumbling headfirst toward infinity

my hand is a pale specter in the shadow of his silver light

a zephyr

caught in between the dawn and the night

still he follows me

guardian to my spirit

as  the paths wind

i am not blind to my heart i hear you echo in my mind

a salve to these sore feet

and a lullaby so that i might sleep

and wake to  shine my light upon this world



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