• soniacookbroen

scrambling up the post

tied together in a bramble exchange of lovesick blue triangle lonely hearts club members

oh the strangeness in slush slipping at my feet

words I long to say but cannot bear the truth of parting my lips to utter!

So long held in the mind if forgotten in the heart

the weight of words.

And so I mosey on the sidewalk in between and above board to the lost path where I lost track

of a lover oft forlorn.

Well it seems I am to be this way forever and a day

or a year or more, who knows, time is of the essence as love goes

but time is strangely misleading and confusing in its scheming

lost moments wallow a long time in the puddles of the mind.

I look to you as I do to others who have come and gone before you

not a stranger exactly, nor a lover, neither friend nor foe

but love and hate do a merry dance across a fine mirrored line you know.

Will you have me after I am shipwrecked upon your golden shores?

Is my heart as beautiful with these scars?

A road map you may ponder if you do decide to wander upon these hips and valleys in the cove of my forgotten shores.

#freeverse #poetry #postaday2011 #time