• soniacookbroen

sex gets more hits!

If I tell you of my pain do you see that I have hurt?

i try to be my most pure self and yet I cannot help but hide behind my defenses.

I apologize in advance that I cannot decry your beauty as it is before my eyes!

your every gesture a little act of art, dancing on a moment in my heart


I am a fool who feigns strength when truly I am weak, weak as lovers often are when they meet their match

and stand at the altar a poor, poor specimen for God!

look upon me and see that I am human, full of flaws and grand moments of truly astounding dignity

but on the same token, wretched, wretched as any bum who ever begged for a dollar so he could by a beer on the corner.


we flow like tides, weeping  the loss of their forlorn shores.

I envelope you and you me

and we fold up into impossible descriptions of infinity

the blackness and fullness of every fiber of my desire

is it possible that fate, so wise and reckless of a naive

has placed our paths to cross in such a vein?

#SEX #freeverse #poetry #love #postaday2011