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She Walks

This eve that is that of my friend’s thirtieth celebration of years since beginning this lively manifestation

Oh how time flies upon the map of life

one spin get we of this mortal coil to unveil our mortal destiny.

She and I came to be the friends of type who build bonds immediately and on and on into infinity

But distance would be a great  ravine which our hands outstretched forced to cross.

Now, all of these years I can look backward at fourteen and know that I might not have been the same today

if not for my dear compatriot/conspirator who whiled away so many summer’s days with me in the cusp of our youth

in faded jeans and greasy pre-pubescent hair with body consciousness and oh so many venal cares.

That now the world has tumbled us like rocks, not diamonds daren’t I be so vain, though indeed I could!

But rather like a good and magic stone, perhaps a fine iridescent labradorite, tumbled into this  quarter-life.

So for tomorrow, Sam, I wish you all the tomorrow’s best forever and until our rest.

I hope you see the sun rise with the same excitement and through the same blue eyes that felt the pulse quicken

with the promise of life.

The promise has never been broken for us yet, we are travelers and that is what we know and what we do best.

Life has many corridors and great divides for us to explore and conquer, fill your breast with the air  of sweet spring

and celebrate for me the darling, divine being who used to sing, The Rose to me way back when.

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