• soniacookbroen

so you like poodles too?

do you dream in technicolor RAINBOW abstract unwitting player in an otherwise untold game?

Where are your fantasies right now?

No, right this second…..Where are they?

are they in your gut? in the mind that waits for blissful retreat of sleep? In your long forsaken yesterdays?

I can count on five fingers five things and so can you and this is real and meaningful.

What is the meaning of meaningful?

walk the dark mysterious path of the mind in search of likeness strength in numbers

the data disappears when we make eye contact and all I am is space time….

expanding across a three dimensional realm and unfolding  into you.

would you take a lover?

make some person your own secret idol

is this against your moral compass?

does your compass always infallibly point to true north?

let me ask you…is your compass accurate?