• soniacookbroen

the chatter of birds

wondering why

at this point you chose to lie

at this junction you faltered in tension

what mesmerizing


have you which baffles me

what serious quality

do you perceive you imbue

which alludes me?

I who intimidate



the virility of fate

at your doorstep you wait

you, the criminal in the dark

you beneath the pale moonlight of my heart

you who I can simultaneously love and hate

who walks that tightrope

of double-sided tape

Will we dance on forever?

Or spin silently into the dark away from one another

two shadows

blown apart

by the harsh expanse of daylight

through a door flung open wide

through a memory

through time

across the waters of our minds

within the darkness we confide

to one another’s twisted sides

a picture worth a thousand words

a word we must not utter

less it be heard

by the trillion tiny birds

whose chatter fills the voids of worlds

and might not whisper

rather shout

in delight

what we are about

not devout

nor divine

something twisted and entwined

around the rungs

we climb our minds

till paths diverged are once again aligned.

#freeverse #love #postaday2011 #time