• soniacookbroen

the chorus

this and that I fumble and still am bright

to and fro and searching in the fog

beneath my wide brimmed hat

looking and sometimes failing to see

this magnanimous chorus

serenading me

wherever I go there she will be

at my back and my front

clasping the buttons

tying the laces

doing and undoing

a paradox

relived each day

my eyes when they close are opened wider

my heart is a finch soaring

as your hand glides through these two minds and intertwines

with the small fibers of my dream

could this waking day be the quiet reflection in which I interpret these nighttime visages

passageways and alleys

words which  soar across and echo rhythm into the hearts

of angels

All I can do is place the love outside

and jump into the rippling tide

as all the concentric circles of infinity I am surrounded by a sea

this all comes back to me.

#buddha #REALITY #freeverse #space #destiny #love #life #postaday2011 #time