• soniacookbroen

the gray day which waited at my door

You were within my mind not sooner than last night and there I was a reckless cannonball to your quiet world.

Shattering your surroundings and piercing you with light at every corner which you chose to hide behind.

The companies are trying to buy us all. Delude us into believing we need nothing more,then a few items purchased at a Wal-mart store.

What happened to the American dream?

Did we ever dream it and do we all have a say?

And if there is such a thing how can we live so blindly to our brothers if we share a common desire such as this?

Shimmering and shinning the daylight breaks into my threshold!

Tyranny of day you are a haunting mirage which disappears as the foliage in September

slipping daunting

downward haunting

into that cool dark night

palely lit my the big moon’s light

softly your hand touched my hair

and you remark  upon the stars

because it is something to say

before you finally have the courage to



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