• soniacookbroen

the moon and me we had some tea

time is a blue moon balanced upon a painting of stars colliding

into me you are crashing

two celestial bodies unaware of their meeting points


erupting simultaneously

and evacuating out

into the infinite void

chemical reactions

forever altered

space continuum

my fingers are much smaller than yours

and yet they reach creeping through these covers

like tides upon shores

lapping at the sand banks

cresting and breaking water

upon empty dunes

where tall grass sways in the summertime

I put my thoughts out into the void

and if they are read they are absorbed

there is one head whose brain contains the ticking thoughts

that are set to my hearts clock

if you are reading

of ardor this evening

the colors of pink and blue lights

and hearts set to beating

you realize to love is to sacrifice

and to sacrifice realize

all things are possible through the power behind the eyes


has brought upon us the spring and the rain and this life

the moon is full

there is a picture on my wall and in the dark it’s ten feet tall

i see the shadows playing there

as the night marries the light.

#prose #spring #poetry #space #EYES #life #postaday2011 #time

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