• soniacookbroen

The Moonwatchers

sometimes this is too much to take in

this world

in all her extravagance

of glory and pain

bleeding and devastation

wreaking havoc on the shell of a being

the shell makes a quiet place

one must have

to sit alone

and stare at the moon

to wonder what it is all about

to be alive

to the very last fiber

to the twisted matrix of one’s core

and courting fever

the strange equinox arising

horizon births

new beginnings

broken free from tethers

of old



the horse is finally dead.

bleeding at the doorstep and the blood is seeping

the fire creeping

in our denial we lie sleeping

fervently plotting battlefields

here we are beneath the August moon

some months from now and Autumn falls

yet again

the while we have with us

stacked pages within us

story to be told lies yet untold

summer’s bridge and springs fury

this Opus

I await with patience potent

moment upon my lips

and until the breath is parted from this breast

I anticipate

beneath a pregnant moon

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