• soniacookbroen

The Watchman

you say something everyday to someone who exists

they move through your words like sand through a sieve

and come out the otherside a little better or worse

depending on your course

and she takes it with her like a parcel

all wrapped up until she whispers to another

what was a word exchanged

in the passing of two strangers

who are we but distant ships now

cast out and bound for shores unknown

in the fog a horn from all around

gloomily echos through me

and I know it is what I once knew as you

a brush of the hand

a watch rewound

unlacing days which have led to revelations

about me about you

Darkness is daunting but the learning is coming

in the silence silent voices teach the listener

lessons needed for the voyage out to sea

the lonely watchman charts his course

for his cold heart is frozen ever deeper

if it were to have a keeper.

#alliteration #love #time #winter