• soniacookbroen

the writer

where have the words gone? we once were young and innocent…a life still unspent

with such memories as these laid out before us

with no fear

with the innocence of naivety

the lack of knowing

bliss created bounty and we were never at a loss

I became the me and you became the you

I watched you in the shadows play at your pen

in the corner of a room where sunlight played upon your face

and words spill out a thousand letters into the ether

your reams falling about your feet

leaves into a leafy pile

a process being digested by some reader strangely contorted on a couch in a room

nestled in the shell of solitude

diving deeper


into to you

into your creation

into the characters which dance like zephyrs through your head

into your soul a fishing line

hook line and sinker

to your core

#freeverse #postaday2011