• soniacookbroen

things are not as they seem

things are not as they seem
objects are closer than they appear
before you were born
were you already here?
I will cross the thicket and the blanket of ice
I will devour my own flesh in lust for the twice paid price
Under a star filled sky
caress my frozen form
it was with you in the twilight
now I have been reborn
Some shudder at the mystery of life
some run from the freedom of time
Not you and not I
we lie together enveloped in tears
shed for us a thousand years
I roamed a wild plane I found you in dunes
I found you again
with little pieces of memories falling
into me like snow
brushed off my shoulder
have I grown one year older?
do I care?
Is this of any consequence to anyone anywhere?
What is it to grow if it is not to know?
The flower that grows abundantly is a weed
the treasured one has so few fertile seed
or only blooms in the fairest of season
but the weed is rampant and fertile and free
and can grow upon a rock or beneath a tree
What is the rhyme what is the reason
I lie in wait for you
I dream of wolves
I have been awake a thousand days

#freeverse #love #poetry #postaday2011