• soniacookbroen

things change

I watch you grow and you seem the same

day by day

I do not notice the subtle differences you begin to reveal

what do you possess now that you did not possess before?

The light has changed and so have you

emerging is something that we both wanted

but so far

all is the same

the likeness

and the difference

I will dance with you again

and you will tell me it is nothing

but my hand slips from your shoulder

my face rests differently upon your chest

and you know the rest

inside you are feeling what I feel

all of our seasons together and we are here once again in winter

but the emptiness is only what remains

and the sadness will envelope me if I do not change

So to the North I go and evermore I will strive to grow

in my heart

in my heart

that is where I first shall start.

#freeverse #poetry #EYES #destiny #postaday2011 #time