• soniacookbroen

This Morning

I am trying to feel renewed, I am searching for rejuvenation

If I sought not these things

I would feel the loss

that is ever-growing as the distance through time

expands and I feel that we are never to know one another

The knowing I thought I had now seems like a vague impression

pressed into my mind

like seeing a stranger on a cold day with a familiar face

that sends a stab of recognition

only to be lost and forgotten

so quickly.

And that is how I feel


and shut out into the cold

in the most cruel of ways

you closed the door to my tears.

Yet you say you love me still?


How so?

What trick is this or is it a game to which the rules I am unaware?

I have no way of knowing

no insight into silence.

And so I watch twelve hours turn into twenty-four once more.

And I begin to see that we are farther away with each passing day.

My heart will begin to build an impenetrable fortress around it to survive this crushing blow.

It would take a mighty knight with a dedicated heart and an iron will to find anything that is tender within me.

#destiny #freeverse #poetry