• soniacookbroen

time on my watch is full and fair

look at the sun radiant in her morning

her breast is full and proud

look at the moon with his silver hair

and his hands that shelter the journey through the long black night

they were here long before you and I

they are our mother and father

before time they danced through the void of the sky scattering stars across the universe

we are small existences but they have never failed to love us

I awake to the warmth of the sun’s golden tendrils curling around my fingertips and they bode well for future days.

Even in the fog I can feel the power of the sea and the blanketed clouds around me comfort me.

This quiet life is mine and has beauty in it.

The course of dreams is more powerful than the work of any man

they cannot be undone by a heavy hand

nor uprooted by the axe of a clumsy lover.

My eyes may have filled with tears today but tomorrow and tomorrow they will shine

with the sun and the moon swimming in one another’s arms a cycle that has lived for all time.

#EYES #poetry #REALITY #space