• soniacookbroen

to look at the moon and see the floor

you were so full of this ardor

and I so down and out in that parlor

quick sand of time rolled in to

push past that New Orleans time

and to now

I arrive

Ten years ago

I was someone else

someone today I would not know

Yet that heat still hearkens back to me

soft and sweet

in those dewy gray streets

where such a poet has passed through

these many years

And I

am I just as sweet

as that warm sweet April breeze

full with Sweet Olive blooming

pushing, full breasted blooms against the wrought iron

of St. Charles

you wide carrier of fools, vagrants, artists

No matter where I am

New Orleans

is in my soul.

#neworleans #poetry #love #postaday2011 #time #THEWORLD