• soniacookbroen


the reflection is daunting on days like this

when the white air pricks my skin

and the gray of the street seems impossible

to exist so colorless

my body desires to float into the space between your arms

the closed clasped hand

encircling my frame

Alas winter is here to stay and these tiny adjustments must be made

the turning of the hands on my clock

and christmas lights

await silent flakes of snow


shimmering in the silver glint of frozen moonlight

an order to existing in the realm of seasons

an order to follow the clock divided by quarters

she is here our dark and precise friend

who freezes our lakes into glass

and buries the land in her pristine blankets

tainted by man’s ever present desire to push forward

against any force

or formidable season’s worst doing.

#freeverse #love #postaday2011 #time