• soniacookbroen


the woven thread is thicker then the veins from which it is bred

your wonderment is wonderful at first though a handful

or more

the plot thickens

my pulse quickens

all around


as my iris dilates

a certain aura radiates

Spring has blossomed before my eyes

a ripening peach


awaits my lips

a gentle nibble is all it takes

and this geyser

is sprung into full force

the canopy changes

unfolding her white dress

and the green legs of summer

are reaching

for the spring will come with haste

we make quick utility

of her bounty

as all among the hill

shed their drabs

for thin veils

upon winter worn skin

and frolic

out into the misty morn

with little a care

because the new day

long awaited

has been born.

#writing #women #spring #SEX #freeverse #love #life #postaday2011 #time #THEWORLD