• soniacookbroen

What is today for?

I’m sitting in an inexplicably cold room on a dreary December day amidst clutter and chaos.  I feel a lack of direction is planting me still like a well rooted shrub.  All I seem to want to do is eat another bowl of cereal and drink about five more cups of coffee.  There is a soul-mate for all of us out there and the whole rambling, wandering quest is our broken attempt to get back to right where we began.  All the things we lose on this journey where right there at the beginning and yet we can’t seem to get them back.  Little compromises, shifts from the truth, from self, denial of the spirit and we are led, blindfolded holding the devil’s hand.  Down a path, through the rabbit hole, the glory box, Pandora’s box, turn around and it will ALL disappear! So we fight, we flight, from, to, and back again.

To turn in the dusky haze of the morning to the lover beside you

the possibility of life is an expanse before you

to grand to imagine

the scale is a universe

it’s the tiny things, ignoring the dust in this keyboard seeing the flowers among the weeds

my baby smiling in joy as she realizes the wonder of her little world

This Thursday in December is just a spec of dust on the tip of a dandelion seed floating in the wind over the ocean

Forever spiraling with all the other Thursday’s in December that ever where and ever will be

just move.

#poetry #prose